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Raji Purcell

 UX Designer

Whole Foods Market

Holiday Table

Contributions: UX & Interaction Design

The objective was to create an engaging digital counterpart to the Whole Foods Market printed holiday catalog. To accomplish this, we created the concept of “shopping at the dinner table”. I then designed user flows that encouraged customers to explore our offerings from a page resembling a holiday table spread.

︎ Holiday Table Case Study
Whole Foods Market

Online Store

Contributions: UX, UI, & Interaction Design

To prepare for the holiday traffic spike on our online store, we needed to make UX improvements. The focus of those improvements was placed on mobile (where most of our traffic would come from) and their purpose was to make it easier for customers to shop.
︎ Online Store Case Study

WFM + Amazon

Contributions: UX, UI, Visual, & Interaction Design

The first digital product created in collaboration with Amazon.
Warner Bros

Creed: The Rocky Legacy Timeline

Contributions: UX, UI, Visual, Interaction, & Content Design

Project C appointed me as lead designer of an interactive timeline for Warner Bros. Its purpose was to guide Rocky fans through key events in the series, ultimately setting up the story for the newest movie, Creed. The site included a unique method for navigating through the movies’ time periods and was built on Tumblr so users could easily share images, videos, and quotes from the site.

Whole Foods Market

Android App Redesign

Contributions: UX, UI, Visual, & Interaction Design

When Whole Foods Market decided to launch a Digital Coupons program, it was the perfect opportunity to simultaneously update the Android app’s interface. I utilized material design principles aesthetically informed by the new WFM brand guidelines. Alongside the UI upgrade, I overhauled the UX of the app’s account creation and store page.