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Raji Purcell

 Senior Product Designer

Owner App Rates Calendar

Contributions: UX, UI, Visual, Interaction, Animation, Prototyping 

The rates calendar is one of the most complex and vital parts of Vrbo's owner app, but the experience in 2019 was fraught with usability frictions and blockers. To fix this, I collaborated with two Native Developers, a Content Strategist, the UX Research team, and a Product Manager. We leveraged UX heuristic evaluations and customer feedback, formed hypotheses that I iteratively designed against, and tested prototypes with our users. As a result, we significantly increased the app's usability score.

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Multi-Property Rates Editor

Contributions: UX, UI, Interaction, Prototyping

Every vacation rental owner on Vrbo's platform has different needs. Many are somewhere between a one-property hobbyist and a property manager with hundreds of properties. I joined a Product Manager and a small team of Web Developers to launch an MVP experience that would serve this segment of owners. The first version of the experience enabled them to edit rates and settings for up to 10 properties at once while providing a birds-eye view of their availability. After launch, I partnered with another Designer so we could apply our learnings to a redesign of Vrbo's property management product.

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Whole Foods Market + Amazon
Prime Member Deals App

Contributions: UX, UI, Visual, Interaction, & Usability Testing

To encourage Whole Foods Market visits from Amazon Prime members, we launched an iOS and Android app that gives them access to member-only deals. As part of a two-person team, I contributed to everything from high fidelity prototypes to a brand new interface. After launch, usage of the app contributed to a spike in Prime member purchases at Whole Foods Market.

︎ Prime Member Deals App Case Study
Whole Foods Market

Holiday Table

Contributions: UX, UI, Interaction, & Usability Testing

The design team was tasked to create an engaging digital counterpart to the Whole Foods Market printed holiday catalog. To accomplish this, we devised the concept of “shopping at the dinner table.” I then designed user flows that encouraged customers to explore our offerings from a page resembling a holiday table spread.

︎ Holiday Table Case Study
Whole Foods Market

Online Store

Contributions: UX, UI, & Interaction

In anticipation of a holiday traffic spike, I worked with the Product Manager of WFM's legacy Online Store to make it easier for customers to shop. The focus was placed on mobile, where most of our orders come from.
︎ Online Store Case Study